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  Risto Karajkov PhD (Director) - Risto Karajkov has close to 15 years of experience of working with
  civil society and international donor agencies in the Balkans. He holds a PhD in international
  development from the University of Bologna and a masters in local development from the University
  of Trento. He had had fellowships, among other, with the Center for Civil Society Studies at the Johns
  Hopkins University in Baltimore, and the UNU-WIDER in Helsinki. He often consults for donor
  agencies, think tanks, and international projects in the region. He teaches regularly on project
  management, NGO management, and EU funding. He has written extensively on NGOs, civil society,
                    EU funds, and international development.

  Marija Suncevska (Program Officer/ External associate) - Marija Sunchevska holds a BA in
  political science and and MS in European institutions and policies from the Faculty of Law in
  Skopje. She has strong knowledge of the processes of EU integration and EU funding programs
  in the region. She has sound knowledge of project management and grant development and


  Elena Deskovska (Project assistant) - holds a BA in international trade from the Faculty of
  Economics in Skopje. 
She has 5 years of volunteering experience in civil society. She has
  extensive, hands-on experience with planning and managing of projects. She has relevant research
  and analysis experience. Her responsibilities in DeSo include project management and coordination,
  research design and implementation, as well as participation in training organization and delivery. 

  Mila Misevska (Project assistant) - Mila Misevska holds a BA in Law from the “Iustinianus Primus”
  Faculty of law in Skopje and an MS in Intellectual Property law from “Iustinianus Primus” Faculty of
  law and the Center for International Intellectual Property Studies (CEIPI), Strasbourg.  She has
  relevant experience in socio-economic and political research, development and coordination of projects
  and project partnerships, and project implementation and monitoring.  Her responsibilities include but
  are not limited to regular analysis of EU funding opportunities, dissemination of information on EU
  funding to clients and partners, provision of technical assistance, and  involvement in training delivery.