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Promoting Webinar-Based Youth Non-Formal Education in Southeast Europe

Donor: Erasmus+ Program, European Commission  

Distance learning presents tremendous opportunities for education providers and learners alike. These opportunities exist at all levels of education and across fields. They are equally available in formal and non-formal education. Recently, opportunities in distance learning have further expanded with the development of new technologies for online education, which allow “live” classes with direct, visual and verbal communication between the lecturer and the students, as well as among the students themselves. 
In addition, these technologies allow for an uninterrupted document presentation (for example a ppt presentation)and sharing (individual and group student exercises; tests, quizzes, etc.), simultaneously with lecture delivery. This allows the online classroom to come as close to the real classroom, as virtually possible. 
Importantly, many of these technologies are increasingly available for free or for a modest cost. 

E-Platform for Cooperation and Development of Civil Society in the Republic of Macedonia, 2016-2018  

Donor: Civica Mobilitas, Swiss Development Cooperation (SDC) 

The goal of the project is to enhance and improve the use of information and communication technologies (ICT) in the activity, cooperation, and development of CSOs in the Republic of Macedonia.  
Specifically, the project will develop, maintain, and hand over to Civica Mobilitas (CM) an innovative and interactive e-platform, to be used by CM grantees  and other actors of civil society and their constituencies,  for cooperation, research and development (RD), and learning and sharing of experience.
The project involved the following work: conducting an online assessment of the web pages of CM grantees and other CSOs, conducting of a survey on the ICT needs  of CM grantees and other CSOs, for the processes of cooperation, RD, and learning and experience sharing, organizing 1 regional focus group with CM grantees, designing of e-platform, developing the e-platform, regular maintenance of the e-platform, organizing 8 regional trainings on using  the e-platform for CM grantees and other CSOs, setting up a technical support center and providing of regular support to e-platform users. 

Promoting Webinar-Based Education in Southeast Europe, 2015-2017  

Donor: Erasmus+ Program, European Commission 

The project aims to promote adult education through webinars in the region of Southeast Europe. It is implemented in partnership with the Institute for Entrepreneurship Development (IED) from Greece, and Foundation 42 from Bulgaria. 
The project involves: conducting of a regional research on E-Learning in the SEE, production and dissemination of a guide for organization of educational webinars, developing of a regional e-platform for webinars, and organization of series of webinars in the region.