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Published on: 16-11-2016 Back

    The first presentation of the working platform of the WB6 AG the Advocacy Strategy for the EU
    Integration of the Western Balkans – Guidelines will be held on November 15th 2016, in Belgrade,
    in the National Assembly of Serbia with participation of several key figures leading the European
    integration process, other decision and opinion makers, parliamentarians, diplomats, and
    representatives of academia, nongovernmental organizations and media.

    On November29th2016, the Strategy Guidelines will be presented and discussed at the Brussels
launch, an event co-organized by the Regional Cooperation Council and the European Movement
    International. The addresses of the heads of two organizations will be followed by the speeches and
    comments of representatives of the DG NEAR, European External Action Service, European
    Parliament, as well as members of project team from the Western Balkan and Visegrad
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