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Name: Erasmus+/KA3 – Support for Policy Reform/ Civil Society Cooperation in the field of Youth Deadline: 19-11-2019 Location: EU, EFTA, North Macedonia, Turkey, Serbia
Name: EuropeAid/166354/DD/ACT/ /Support to enhance the quality of journalism in Albania Deadline: 08-11-2019 Location: Albania
Name: EuropeAid/165-661/ID/ACT/ME /Support to the social inclusion of Roma and Egyptians Deadline: 07-11-2019 Location: Montenegro
Name: EuropeAid/167108/ID/ACT/TR/ Promoting Decent Future of Work Approach with a Focus of Gender Equality/Turkey Deadline: 27-01-2020 Location: Turkey
Name: EuropeAid/164732/DH/ACT/GE/ Support to Skills Development and Matching for Labour Market Needs Deadline: 21-10-2019 Location: Georgia
Name: EuropeAid/166314/DH/ACT/XK/ Grant Facility for Micro Small Medium Enterprise in Kosovo - 2nd Round Deadline: 26-11-2019 Location: Kosovo
Name: EuropeAid/166483/ID/ACT/TR/ Supporting Civil Society Dialogue Between EU and Turkey Grant Scheme (CSD-VI) Deadline: 12-11-2019 Location: Turkey, EU
Name: Cross-border programme Albania – Kosovo 1* Under the Instrument for Pre-accession Assistance (IPA II) Deadline: 14-08-2019 Location: Albania / Kosovo
Name: EuropeAid/165543/DD/ACT/MK / Support for the Deinstitutionalisation Process in Social Sector /North Macedonia Deadline: 16-08-2019 Location: North Macedonia
Name: Operating Support to Civil Society Organisations in the Republic of North Macedonia Deadline: 19-08-2019 Location: Macedonia
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