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Name: EuropeAid/172490/DD/ACT/XK - EU Support to Home Affairs Deadline: 04-11-2022 Location: Kosovo
Name: EuropeAid/173998/DH/ACT/Multi- Raising public awareness of development issues and promoting development education in the European Union (DEAR programme) Deadline: 04-11-2022 Location: EU
Name: EuropeAid/175431/DD/ACT/MK - EU Support to Civil Society and Media Networks/Platforms for advancing the sector reforms and EU accession of the Republic of North Macedonia Deadline: 30-11-2022 Location: Macedonia
Name: EuropeAid/173691/DD/ACT/XK - Increasing Research Capacities in Kosovo Deadline: 27-05-2022 Location: Kosovo
Name: EuropeAid/173891/DD/ACT/TR - European Union Scholarships (BEURS) Deadline: 06-06-2022 Location: Turkey, EU
Name: Call for proposals to promote gender equality (CERV-2022-GE) Deadline: 16-03-2022 Location: International
Name: EuropeAid/173687/DD/ACT/ME - Support to Civil Society Organisations: Civil Society Facility-2021 and European Instrument for Human Rights and Democracy (EIDHR) Country Based Support Scheme (CBSS) - 2021 Montenegro Deadline: 31-05-2022 Location: Montenegro
Name: EuropeAid/174039/DD/ACT/MK - EU support for Enhancing Journalists Rights Deadline: 27-04-2022 Location: Macedonia
Name: Call for proposals to protect and promote the rights of the child (CERV-2022-CHILD) Deadline: 18-05-2022 Location: International
Name: Erasmus+ / Virtual Exchanges in Higher Education and Youth Deadline: 22-02-2022 Location: International, Macedonia
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