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Name: Вебинар/ Дигитален активизам: придобивки и алатки, 14 јули 2021 Deadline: 14-07-2021 Location: Macedonia
Name: Вебинар/ Дигитален активизам: придобивки и алатки, 21 јули 2021 Deadline: 21-07-2021 Location: Macedonia
Name: JUST - 2014-2020 - Supporting transnational projects in the area of EU drugs policy Deadline: 22-04-2021 Location: Montenegro, Albania, EU
Name: EuropeAid/171210/DD/ACT/ Support for Civil Society in the Republic of Moldova Deadline: 26-04-2021 Location: Moldova
Name: EuropeAid/171304/DD/OPR/MK - 2020 EIDHR Supporting a civil society through Country-Based Support Schemes in North Macedonia Deadline: 10-05-2021 Location: North Macedonia
Name: EuropeAid/171244/DD/ACT/MK - Annual Action Programme for the FYR Macedonia for the Year 2017 - Support to social enterprises Deadline: 20-04-2021 Location: North Macedonia
Name: EuropeAid/171069/DD/ACT/JO - EU Support to the De-Institutionalisation Reform and Economic Empowerment of Vulnerable Jordanians Deadline: 07-06-2021 Location: Jodran, EU
Name: EuropeAid/171106/DD/ACT/TR - Supporting core functions of CSOs, Turkey Deadline: 28-05-2021 Location: Turkey, IPA II, EEA
Name: EuropeAid/171780/DD/ACT/GE - Support for civil society development in Georgia 2021 Deadline: 24-05-2021 Location: Gerogia, EU, EEA
Name: EuropeAid/171554/DD/ACT/NA - Support to the Livestock sector in the Northern Communal Areas of Namibia Deadline: 14-05-2021 Location: Namibia, ACP Countries
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