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Deadline: 15-01-2019 Location: EU, Western Balkan, ESTA countries Back


These guidelines are based on Regulation No 1295/2013 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 11.12.2013 concerning the implementation of a programme of support for the European cultural and creative sector (CREATIVE EUROPE) and its corrigendum of 27.06.2014

Eligibility of applicants

The applicant company must be a European Sales Agent. 
European company:
Company owned, whether directly or by majority participation (i.e. majority of shares), by nationals of Member States of the European Union or nationals of the other European countries participating in the MEDIA Sub-Programme and registered in one of these countries. Applications from legal entities established in one of the following countries are eligible as long as all conditions referred to in Article 8 of the Regulation establishing the Creative Europe Programme are met:
EU Member States and overseas countries and territories which are eligible to participate in the Programme pursuant to Article 58 of Council Decision 2001/822.EC;
Acceding countries, candidate countries and potential candidates benefiting from a pre-accession strategy, in accordance with the general principles and general terms and conditions for the participation of those countries in European Union programmes established in the respective Framework Agreements, Association Council Decisions or similar agreements; EFTA countries which are members of the EEA, in accordance with the provisions of the EEA Agreement; The Swiss Confederation, on the basis of a bilateral agreement to be concluded with that country; Countries covered by the European Neighbourhood Policy in accordance with the procedures
established with those countries following the framework agreements providing for their participation in European Union programmes.
Size of grants 

The total budget earmarked for the co-financing of projects is estimated at EUR 2.6M.
This amount is subject to the availability of the funds after the adoption of the budget for 2019 by the
budgetary authority.
The Agency reserves the right not to distribute all the funds available.
Deadline: 15 January 2019 
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