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                                                                                                      Max.Grant Amount: EUR 5.000

Women's organisations from all over the world can apply to filia for a fast grant from the Opportunity fund. Activities aiming to make use of an unforeseen social situation to promote participation and/or freedom from violence for women and girls and open up new opportunities are funded. Women's and girls' organisations recognised as public-benefit organisations can apply.

Grant amount

The maximum funding per application is Euro 5000. Applications are accepted at any time. Filia accepts applications in German or English.
You will be informed after at most 14 days whether or not your project can be funded.


     - The action responds to an unforeseen social situation.
     - The action grasps the opportunity to stand up for the rights of women and girls, especially those suffering from multiple discrimination, by
       strengthening the stakeholding in society and position of women and girls and/or standing up for freedom from violence for women and girls.
     - Women are actors and decision-makers - projects in which the activity is initiated by affected women are preferred.
     - The intervention is part of a longer-term strategy that aims to change social structures. Follow-on activities are planned and can be funded.
     - The organisation is recognised as a public-benefit organisation.
     - A reference from a partner-in-cooperation of filia is desirable (for example a women's foundation from the International Network of Women's

Reasons for exclusion

     - Costs of activities that are or can be planned on a relatively long-term basis are excluded.
     - Security measures for activists are excluded. For such cases please contact: Urgent Action Fund Projects from the fields of science,
       research, art and culture, as well as direct services such as advisory services or therapy are excluded.
     - Projects headed by men and boys are excluded filia does not fund any individuals and does not award any scholarships!

Applications can be made at any time. They should not be more than two to three pages long. The applications are examined by filia staff and the filia Board. If the applications are approved the funds are paid out immediately.

Deadline: open

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