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Development Solutions (DeSo) is a young and dynamic organization based in Skopje, Macedonia and providing a range of services to clients and beneficiaries across Southeast Europe and beyond. DeSo was founded in 2008 and at present it employes 4 full-time staff and a number of external asociates (trainers, researchers), and interns.

DeSo has a for-profit arm which provides services to a variety of clients at market rates, as well as a non-profit arm which provides public benefit services to beneficiaries region-wide. Part of the revenue from DeSo for-profit work serves to finance DeSo non-profit development work.
DeSo services include project development and technical assistance related to EU (and other donors') funding programs, training, performance evaluation and measurement, implementation of quality assurance standards (ISO 9001, ISO 14001), and socio-economic and marketing research.

DeSo sells most of its services on an open market, serving clients throughout Southeast Europe, but it also bids for international grants and tenders and implements socio-economic development projects.

DeSo institutional clients and beneficiaries are local and national authorities (municipalities, regions, agencies and ministries), companies, universities & research institutes, NGOs, international consutlancies, and other public and private organizations.
DeSo individual clients and beneficiaries are people of all ages and occupations who participate in DeSo training courses for personal or professional upgrade.






Selected clients and beneficiaries:

IBF International Consulting                                               




Habitat for Humanity, Macedonia                                                   


Media Consulta                                                                                  


Faculty of Law, Skopje                                                                         




Dauti Komerc                                                                                 


Office Plus